Be brave, dance.

I seriously love dancing.

I love music. It fills me, moves me, and makes me want to dance.

I went and watched my son in his Jazz band the other day. He has the dancing gene too. When he wasn’t playing his instrument, he was dancing. Just a little…I mean he is 13…so he’s going to be sly with his shaking leg sort of dancing…but he wanted to dance with his entire soul. It made me happy to see. He gets that from me. His bad temper, his moodiness, his passionate emotions, and his LOVE of all things dancing!

Because dancing, the desire to dance, the unavoidable inability to not dance when dance music comes on (and almost any music can be dancing music) turns on…it’s a gift that can carry you far.

I am working downtown now. My workday ends at 5PM. I get in my car and I sit. And sit. And sit. I look around me as I sit in traffic and I see people texting, tweeting or face booking or thinking or looking super grouchy and annoyed or bored or sad.

But I turn up the volume on the cheesiest music I can find on my satellite radio and I dance my ass off the whole 45 minute drive home. AS much dancing as can be done in a car while sitting. The weather was nice today and I opened the windows and the sounds of the First Wave station blasted from my car…Frankie Goes to Hollywood…then over to the top 40 station for a little Katy Perry ROAR…then off to the VINYL station for some serious Rock-n-roll VAN HALEN…I love my drive home. I know I should curse my drive home. But I can’t. It’s my dance time. I cherish it.

Yeah, I am tired. I wanna get home…make dinner…kiss my kids…but those 45 minutes of dancing in my car are fantastic.

When people look at me strangely, I look back and encourage them to dance too.

I suggest that highways create a station that you can tune to, similar to a traffic information station but this station would be all dance hits. That way all the tired post work drivers could tune into the same station and dance together….all the way home. I seriously think this is a good idea and I am going to write my congressman. Or whatever government official who handles dance request. Oh crap, the government shut down tonight. Well, maybe when it reopens.

Imagine the reduction of road rage on freeways filled with dancing businessmen? It would be amazing.

I was thinking about this idea when I remembered this video: It’s pretty perfect. The joy of dancing. The freedom of dancing. Letting your body move to music. Whatever body you have, wherever you find yourself.

Thank you SARA.

Now, go dance people. Seriously, it’s so good for the tired soul.

See you on the highway. I will be the crazy lady dancing down 281.

PS: I am not a good dancer. I am not a trained dancer. You may laugh at my moves and I am completely ok with that.


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